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Gender: Male Age: Unknown Species: Villian Friends: Malleo and other villians with -gee, -eo, and those OTHER kind of endings!!! :P First Appearance: Cousin Malleo

"Spaghetti!!! :P" This article is about a villian.

Weegee is a villian who made its first appearance in "Cousin Malleo"!!! :P He is also known as, "Couson Weegee"!!! :P Luigi doesn't want him to be his cousin!!! :P Also known as a Creepypasta!!! :P


Turning your face into the same one as his!!! :P

Teleporting!!! :P ? (maybe!!! ? :P)


Couson Malleo (or should I say, Weegee!!! :P): 
Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 7.36.32 PM